Tuesday, November 9, 2010

random play (...)

Late last night, I should have been a-nap but instead I was randomly overpowered by the urge to do some art with vectors. Maybe it's because I haven't used Illustrator in 2 months and freaked myself out thinking I'd forgotten how to even do...stuff...on it by this point. So I made this little picture just as an exercise to prove to myself I still know how to use the program (yup, it's vectors over a photo so this isn't so much a display of my impeccable drawing skills as it is...a colour/shape/composition exploration? Maybe?). Obviously the vines are hand drawn, I'm not THAT cheap. Anyway, I wasn't gonna post this because I often think it's lame when people vector over photographs and then think they're making *~*ART*~*~ but this kind of completely turned into its own thing and I liked the result.

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