Tuesday, November 9, 2010

random play (...)

Late last night, I should have been a-nap but instead I was randomly overpowered by the urge to do some art with vectors. Maybe it's because I haven't used Illustrator in 2 months and freaked myself out thinking I'd forgotten how to even do...stuff...on it by this point. So I made this little picture just as an exercise to prove to myself I still know how to use the program (yup, it's vectors over a photo so this isn't so much a display of my impeccable drawing skills as it is...a colour/shape/composition exploration? Maybe?). Obviously the vines are hand drawn, I'm not THAT cheap. Anyway, I wasn't gonna post this because I often think it's lame when people vector over photographs and then think they're making *~*ART*~*~ but this kind of completely turned into its own thing and I liked the result.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here's a few new things I've been working on:

Paris Hilton- a "flattering" caricature. Ehhh I'm still trying to get better at this stuff; I thought ms. Hilton would be easy to draw cause she's so wacky looking and has such intense features but it ended up being hard to get the resemblance cause she kind of already looks so weird without any exaggeration. I like the colours though.

Paris Hilton- "unflattering" caricature; the nosebleed is my favourite part for sure.

For starters, I'm gonna point out that I had to do this picture twice because the first one disappeared during my nightly bike ride home. Heartbreak and horror! I prevailed though...I THINK this looks better than the first attempt even though I'll never know for sure.
I guess I have to explain this picture or else I'll seem like a psycho for posting it: basically, we were given a song ("Coin Operated Boy"; duhhh Captain Obvious to the rescue!) and we had to visually re-imagine the lyrics of the song in a way that still made sense and pertained to what it was talking about.
Seeing as "Coin Operated Boy" is basically about a girl who's addicted to her dildo but realizes it's never going to fill the gaping void in her soul, I decided to make an uber Christian PSA poster...a warning to everyone that masturbation is just the beginning of the slippery slope towards Hell no matter how great it is in the moment (clearly I'm just using my art as another form of sarcasm but, I can see hardcore Bible-thumpers taking this seriously too).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

graphic translation

Brush pen+tracing paper. Simple isn't always boring. Trying to wrap my mind around this concept.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sketchhhhhh! Woot.

I was just doodling in class, trying to dress up a sketch that I'd started last semester that was sitting in my book just looking lame and incomplete. I doodled and doodled, and it got out of control in a good way; I think, for a sketch it came out looking pretty weird/interesting. It was a really big picture and I tried to piece it together after scanning but this proved to be tricky, thus there's a slight discrepancy in the middle, which I don't feel detracts from the image since it's so strange and random anyway. I want to colour it eventually, and keep developing it with more details but this is a nice first step into random-land.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An assignment I had for school. It came out strange!